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Most Precise & Reliable 

Medical Suction Pump 

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AGVAC Pro is one of the only few suction pumps that allows you to not just control the vacuum level of the suction but also the precise flow rate. This ensures smooth suction for every application. The flow levels can be selected between 30 LPM – 60 LPM 

Ultra Precise 

Flow Control 

Thanks to the digital relative pressure senor accurate pressure is monitored and displayed on a bright 5 inch digital display. This allows you to precisely set the vacuum levels down to single mmHg levels which is absolutely impossible on conventional suction pumps 

Realtime Digital 

Pressure Indication

Thanks to our ultra precise vacuum regulator. You can precisely set the vacuum. With this you can control the vacuum level down to 1 mmHg reliably and repeatably. Not only this the regulator has an inbuilt lock function so that during the suction process the vaccum level does not get accidently changed. 

Accurate Vacuum Control 

5-Inch Backlit Display

AGVAC is one of the only suction pump that has a digital display. This display is backlit and provides crisp information regarding flow rate and pressure both in numeric and gauge form. The display is designed to be easily readable from a 10 feet distance 


AGVAC is world’s first suction pump to incorporate exhaust viral filter. The conventional suction process generates micro-aerosol particles which can be pushed out in the environment. With AGVAC’s viral filter the exhaust gases are filtered and most of the aerosol particles are blocked and filtered. Keeping the environment safe for the healthcare practitioner. 

Exhaust Viral Filter 

AGVAC has two configurable suction jar which can be configured between 1L- 5L capacity. The third jar is an emergency jar which ensures that under no circumstances there is a overflow of suction fluids. 

Triple Jar


The Jar selection process is extremely easy and intuitive. This is done through a one touch level which can be simply rotated in the direction of the jar to select that specific jar. IT also gives a visual indication as to which jar is currently being used. 

One Touch

Jar Selection 

The pump is extremely quiet and has almost no-vibration. This makes it ideal for continuous use. The special mountings of the motors allows the vibration to be dampened. With copper winding motor and state of the art piston design the noise levels are reduced to an absolute minimum. 

Low Noise 

A patent pending design by AGVAC is smart foot. This allows easy operation of the jar using foot switch. This allows you to control the foot switch conventionally however upon a simple foot gesture you can continuously switch the suction on. It stays on until a next foot action is detected. Tis reduces fatigue and makes suction easy. 

Smart Foot 


The device has a inbuilt service reminder, so that you never skip a scheduled service. This ensures proper upkeep of the device and elongates the lifespan. 

Service Reminder

The wheels of AGVAC makes it very easy to manuver around medical facility. Its all purpose wheels are extremely smooth and provides minimal resistance when moving around. When the device needs to be used the break function can be used to station the device at the designated position. 

Break Assisted 


AGVAC comes with a standard accessory grab handle. This can be used to attach various ancillary devices. It can also be used to wind cables in case when it is needed. With the ergonomic design. This grab handle makes it very easy to move the device around. 

Accessory Grab Handle

True Aluminium Construction

The outer casing of the deice is made from pure aluminium. This makes the device extremely sturdy. Aluminium by its nature rust proof. So you never have to worry about rust. It is also easy to clean with various medical  disinfectants.

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