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DIVO 100

Most Study & Advanced

DVT Prevention Pump Ever

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DIVO 100’s unique sleeve design has 3 chambers* which is activated sequentially. This just not gives positive pressure but also displacement of the blood in the desired direction. This greatly improves the outcome.   

Sequential Activation 

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Thanks to the digital relative pressure senor accurate pressure is monitored and displayed on a bright 5 inch digital display. This ensures highest level of patient safety and ease of use. 

Realtime Digital 

Pressure Indication

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AgVa’s DIVO is equipped with various alarms like patient disconnection, kink in tubing and many more alarms and reminders. These loudness of the alarm can be changed based on the situation of the use. Whether it is at home or in a busy ICU. It ensures that alarm is never un-noticed.  The alarms can also be muted momentarily so that the user can take the corrective action with ease 

Multilevel Mutable Alarms

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Alarm LED 

Never miss a warning thanks to DIVO 100’s bright alarm LED cluster. It is strategically located on the device to make it visible from all practical angles. It also indicates the various levels of alarms. For e.g. amber being for low priority alerts and red being for high priority alarms. 

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DIVO 100 has one of the industry’s largest and brightest digital display panel. This makes the use extremely easy. The large display helps display vital information with ease and can be monitored from a distance for a seamless operation. 

5-Inch Backlit Display

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Special material tubing is used for DVT sleeves that resist the kinking of the tube at extreme bending radius. This reduces the chances of therapy being interrupted. 



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The monolithic designed handled is designed to fit extremely easily to any type of medical bed. The fitting is non-intrusive and doubles as a grab handle for carry operation. Not only this it can also be used on tabletops 

Snap Bed Fit 

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Unlike generic DVT prevention pumps the DIVO 100 has capability to use various types of garments on same patients simultaneously. Such as one leg having a calf sleeve while other might be having a foot sleeve. This is specially useful in amputated patients. Where only a single sleeve is to be used.


Garment Selection

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Low Noise 

The pump is extremely quiet and has almost no-vibration. This makes it ideal for continuous use. The special insulation around the motor reduces the noise and the special mounts cancels out most of the vibration of the motor. Making it absolutely silent. 

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DIVO 100 has been designed for ease. Hence learning how to use it takes just a few minutes. The mode selection is as easy as pressing a single button. The therapy can be started by a single button press. This saves time on both the initiation of therapy and also reduces the time it takes to learn how to use the device.  

Single Touch

Mode Selection

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The fitting of the sleeve is done through one touch connectors. These are simple push in connectors which are lockable. Plugging in the tube is as simple as a push. To remove just click the release button and its done. 

One Touch 


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Silicone Grab 


The grab handles of the device has been designed specially for use in heavy duty yet sterile environment. Grab handle comes in frequent contact with humans and one the points that needs to be comfortable yet clean. Hence the grab handle is made out of silicone that is both soft and can be cleaned by almost all types of medical disinfectants. 

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To keep track of the therapy we have incorporated a run hour meter. This lets the user know how long the device has been running. This meter is restable, which can be reset from patient to patient. 

Resettable Run 

Hour Meter 

The outer casing of the deice is made from pure aluminium. This makes the device extremely sturdy. Aluminium by its nature rust proof. So you never have to worry about rust. It is also easy to clean with various medical  disinfectants. 

True Aluminium Construction 

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