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24-inch Multi-Touch Display

We are aware of how crucial information is to our users. Therefore, we made sure you would not miss any information. The biggest 24-inch display in our category puts all the information at your fingertips. while ensuring that everything is visible from a distance. With this display, every graph and loop is simply so much more informative. Additionally, because to our advanced multi-touch display, you can interact with the touchscreen effortlessly using both taps and gestures. 

Turbine Guaranteed 

for a Lifetime 

The blower of our ventilator is completely new and entirely modified. Due to its incredibly lightweight construction, the blower reacts extremely quickly. Thus, the rise time is reduced and the patient's comfort is increased. In order to make sure that the gases given to the patient are at room temperature, we have incorporated a completely innovative side-stream cooling mechanism that uses a totally independent cooling channel. Furthermore, the blower is guaranteed for lifetime*, regardless of the runtime. 


Closed Loop

FiO2 Control

Leave all your concerns about patient safety on the ventilator with the support of AgVa's cutting-edge Intelligent Algorithm. With a generic SpO2 probe linked to the ventilator, the FiO2 may be adjusted in accordance with the variation permitted by the medical professionals. This minimizes the possibility of over oxygenation while ensuring that the patient always has adequate oxygenation. All of this ensures that a precise amount of FiO2 is delivered, improving patient outcomes, and speeding up weaning

Time is valuable, and we know it. Therefore, to expedite and simplify. We have many quick action buttons. With only a click of a button, they provide access to some of the ventilator's frequently used features. This ensures simple operation and rapid reaction to multiple times procedures.

Quick Action


Adults to Neo 

AgVa includes the most cutting-edge flow sensor in the world. With the help of this proximal flow sensor, you can now record the pressure and temperature of gases at the patient's most proximal end while still receiving correct flow data. This eliminates the faults caused on by leakage and compression. The sensor has a dead-space of less than 1 ml and is specially designed for neonate usage. while detecting a flow as low as 0.01 L/min in absolute terms. Our whole range of neonatal modes is volume focused, ensuring patient security, and lightening the load for medical professionals. 

In an intensive care unit, reaction time is crucial. Therefore, we ensure that an emergency is indicated with the highest priority by using the largest alarm indication in the industry. There are no warnings that go unnoticed thanks to the substantial and vibrant multi-colour LED bar. With a multi-colour indication, medical workers can identify the extent of the situation and respond accordingly from a good distance 

Emergency Never
Goes Unnoticed

Inbuilt Nebulizer 

All the technologies have been combined into a single, powerful product. You may easily connect the patient's nebulizer circuit to the ventilator if it includes an integrated nebulizer. The nebulizer is a high oxygen-based flow-corrected nebulizer that ensures smooth flow and absolute accuracy to ensure that the patient always receives an accurate delivery. Additionally, to prevent a false trigger during nebulization, the ventilator is adjusted and calibrated for the extra flow from the nebulizer.

The traditional oxygen sensor must be replaced within 6-12 months. Over the course of time, they also lose their accuracy. With AgVa’s cutting edge ccontactless, oxygen detecting technology, you never ever need to replace the oxygen sensor in your ventilator. The calibration is also required every three to four months. It guarantees complete patient safety and makes the ventilator more accurate, and reliable.

Lifetime O2 


The entire construction of the ventilator surface is made up of high-grade aluminum. This makes it rustproof and easy to maintain. It gives the outer body a service life of over 20 years while still looking brand new. 

True Aluminium



Inspiratory Filter 

Ventilator induced Pneumonia is a leading cause of complications and death in ICU situation. We have included the most cutting-edge HEPA filter for Ventilator in order to ensure that the patient is protected from practically all germs.  This removes almost all the pathogens from the inspiratory air and ensures both the cleanliness of the ventilator and the patient’s gases.

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